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LARGO featuring

Gast Waltzing



The project Largo is made up of a perfect and coherent fusion of different worlds; every one of the various musical fields supports, and revives the other. Sensual and innovating but not cold or calculating, this music is creative and dynamic.


What makes the music of Largo so distinctive is Gast Waltzing's personal vision as well as his very unique way of scrutinizing jazz music. He states: I’m always a musician. It’s not like I wake up and decide where to schedule music in. It is always present.


For their fourth album entitled 'Jazzed Up in New Orleans', Largo actually went to New Orleans. New Orleans served as a place where they hoped to find that little je-ne-sais-quoi, providing Largo with a new dimension in the musical union between a jazz band hailing from Luxembourg and the warm, alive sounds of New Orleans, and Gast Waltzing felt the urge to return to the true roots of Jazz. Recording in New Orleans allowed Largo to tap into a new energy and balance for the group


To convey the rhythm and melody that Gast Waltzing was looking for, he wanted a brass band to embed their personalities as well as their individual touch on the different tracks. The Soul Rebels are featured on four of the album's eleven songs: 'Jazzed Up in New Orleans', 'Moon Over Sapporo', 'Funked Up', and 'PaperSouls'. This fabulous brass band is composed of two trumpets, one saxophone, two trombones, one sousaphone, one snare and one bass drum.


Trying to stick with the traditions of New Orleans, Gast Waltzing wanted, among other things, to compose a gospel track without being mundane or imitating already existing gospel numbers. He, therefore, approached Kyle Roussel. This young organist plays in two songs of the album; 'Glad You're Here' and 'Don't Forget Who You Are'.


The bet was a success and the fusion is perfect. The album is alive, has melody, rock, and even sometimes makes you want to dance. It is full of true Largo sounds that are colored by the magic of New Orleans without ever falling into cliché. Furthermore, Jazzed Up in New Orleans has managed to bring together several different worlds all at once, those of gospel, jazz and also brass bands.


You will find a DVD regrouping videos and photos of the band. For more information you can also visit our website : or the facebook page


The different videos of Largo are on Youtube (with the following titles and links) :


Jazzed Up in New Orleans feat. The Soul Rebels


Gast Waltzing & Largo feat. The Soul Rebels recording


Gast Waltzing & Largo in New Orleans


Gast Waltzing & Largo feat. Kyle Roussel


Gast Waltzing & Largo 1st day in New Orleans



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