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Jean Jacques Maillet

Violion, composer


Presenting Jean Jacque Maillet. This young, (only 15) new, talent, is one of the most promising to be discovered in Luxembourg in recent years. Of the 5 qualities it has been established that are necessary to succeed in the field of music, he has them all. Talent, motivation, willingness to learn, an artistic goal, exceptional performance skills, and he additionally he is a natural born leader.


Still a student in the jazz department of the Conservatory of  Luxembourg City, he has very surely established his place as a performer, improviser and as a composer. Since he was small, he has been a musician and that is what his profession will be and has worked hard at the same time learning and developing his composing and arranging skills.


Recently offered an opportunity to record his first CD with his own original compositions he wrote 8 works for a large jazz ensemble of 12 musicians. 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 violin, 2 guitars 1 piano, 1 bass and drums.


Since it’s creation in 2005, one of the major missions of the ONJL is to offer a platform for emerging young Luxembourgian creators. Thus his works have been record with the Orchestra National de Jazz Luxembourg and released in CD form.


In the 2015 performance season, Jean Jacques and his compositions will featured in the ONJLs performances. His works are lyrical, f

resh, and show maturity far beyond his years. His performances with the ONJL are ones that should not be missed.

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